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    Chris commented  · 

    I agree with this idea. I am tired of having to pay several hundred dollars for an attorney to make what is written here understandable for non lawyers. My HOA is out of control. I need to understand if signing the documents required when we purchased our home out weight my rights under the bill of rights per our constitution. They literally make decisions not based on voted for rules but all is left to the decisions of whoever happens to sit on the committee or board at the time a t
    request to do something is made. I am referring to architectural committee when trying to gain permission for doing anything at all to our yard. Wanted a shed, told would be visible from street so planted $3,000 worth of hedges to hide side and backyards then was arbitrarily told no "there never have been or ever will be sheds in Orchard Greens" our neighborhood arc board in Tukwila community Woodburn, OR. We had been told first time we asked that as stated the roof of the shed would be visible from the road which is why we added the 8 ft. Hedge. Stuff like this happens all the time. I also do not as I understand what is written here think they have had full quorums at the annual meetings. They demand we turn over a proxy if we cannot attend the yearly meeting so they can vote for us. None of this mounds legal or right. Thank you for this chance to ask about these things